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About the Book

Fathers' Children

Fathers Children book by author dr Renee Karp

Fathers teach their children by the example of their own lives. Or do they?

Fathers’ Children is the compelling narrative of Jacob Kormansky and Kurt Bohmer, long-time friends and loyal partners, who raise two very different children. One father’s son fights valiantly for justice and human dignity while the other young man embraces Fascism with astonishing fervor. Set against the backdrop of the madness and brutality of Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, Fathers’ Children explores age-old questions about the complex relationships between fathers and their children. It examines the particular challenge that fathers of the time faced to counteract the murderous Nazi influence which swept the continent and which was embodied in Adolf Hitler, the quintessential surrogate father to millions of impressionable youths. More importantly, Fathers’ Children is an affirmation that the love and encouragement we receive from our fathers sustain us in even the darkest times.

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June 1, 2023





Fathers Children book by author dr Renee Karp

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