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It is said that truth is stranger than fiction. Perhaps. I believe, though, that fiction leads us to truth; it helps us understand the challenges which people faced in other places, in other times. And in so doing, fiction brings us closer to genuine self-awareness. Fiction stimulates our imaginations; it evokes our deepest sentiments, desires, and fears. It challenges our preconceived ideas of right and wrong, and it forces us not only to identify the characters who resonate most deeply within ourselves but to ask why they do so. These are some of my objectives in writing historical fiction. And, of course, I want you, my readers, to enjoy the drama, the humor and the inspiring qualities which are also important components in the lives of my characters. I look forward to reading your thoughts on Fathers' Children.
Dr. Renee Karp
Fathers Children book by author dr Renee Karp

Fathers' Children

Fathers teach their children by the example of their own lives. Or do they?

Fathers’ Children is the compelling narrative of Jacob Kormansky and Kurt Bohmer, long-time friends and loyal partners, who raise two very different children. One father’s son fights valiantly for justice and human dignity while the other young man embraces Fascism with astonishing fervor. 

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